I consigli di Corepla per i visitatori di Expo

Corepla tips for Expo visitors

A practical guide for those visiting the World's Fair because even a small gesture can make a difference

MILAN - According to estimates, during the next six months visitors going to Milan to discover the Expo pavilions will be about 20 million. Corepla, the consortium for collection, recycling and recovery of plastic packaging, has released a few tips to make the tour more “sustainable” because every single action can as a whole make a big difference. Placing plastic packaging waste in the appropriate yellow containers positioned within Expo 2015 will boost environmental, economic and social benefits resulting from proper management and recycling of waste: avoiding CO2 emissions, no resorting to dumping, and production of raw material, in addition to water and energy conservation.


1. Preserve beauty. "Even Expo 2015 Feeding the Planet Energy for life" visitors can contribute to conservation by keeping the environment clean.

2. Use the special yellow containers for differentiated collection of plastic packaging. Do not leave any waste on-site. If there are overflowing containers report it to Expo employees.

3. Keep in mind that differentiated plastic collection concerns only packaging, therefore bottles, jars, vials, bags, transparent films, disposable plates and cups, and trays. On the other hand, toys, glasses, pens, markers, canteens and miscellaneous equipment are not packaging and therefore should not be placed in the yellow containers.

4. Try to empty the packaging in the best possible way and, if possible, crush them before putting them in the differentiated collection containers.