Bio-Based PET : A Bottle Made with 30% Plant-Derived Material

Bio-Based PET comes to Italy, the bottle that is 30% plant-derived

Levissima committed to respecting the environment with the new 30% plant- derived bottle

MILAN – The latest development in plant-derived plastic bottles comes from cane sugar, an innovation which, after years of studies and research, Levissima is launching in the Italian mineral water market. The revolutionary Bio-Based PET bottle is made using renewable biomass sources as one of the ingredients.

BIO-BASED PET – The PET molecule is made of two main elements: terephthalic acid, which comprises 70% of it, and monoethylene glycol, also called MEG, which makes up the remaining 30%. Today’s new technologies mean the latter can be derived from renewable sources. Ethanol can be obtained by processing sugar cane and a fermentation process, this is then processed further to create plant-derived MEG, making the PET bio-based PET. This new, innovative plastic is also 100% recyclable. This means bottles can have a new life once they have served their purposes; when recycled, they can be reborn as new, saleable items. The new 30% plant-derived bottle is therefore a new frontier for packaging, and designed to give consumers a product with a safety guarantee.

LEVISSIMA’S COMMITTMENT – Commitment to and invest in the research and development of this material is one of Levissima’s priorities. It is committed to guaranteeing the purity of the source of its water and at the same time safety for its consumers. This is behind its decision to invest in bio-based PET because PET is one of the best materials used for mineral waters in terms of safety and recyclability. This journey will not stop here, but will forge ahead to reach an even more significant and revolutionary objective: a 100% plant-derived PET.

LEVISSIMA FOR NATURE – Bio-based PET has opened a new chapter in Levissima’s story and added to the “Levissima per la Natura” [Levissima for Nature] project. This project is an umbrella for the numerous initiatives Levissima has undertaken to reduce its impact on the environment to a minimum.