How to use mineral water within your beauty routine

From makeup and facial sprays to hair care: here are the secrets of mineral beauty

MILAN – As the specialised American website explains, mineral water has many benefits for beauty, many of them unexpected. Some minerals, such as silica, strengthen cells and slow down the progress of time, which manifests itself in the dreaded wrinkles. This is why many women, not content with drinking it, also consume it as a beauty supplement. Here are some practical tips for staying beautiful using mineral water.

Use it between cleansing and moisturising

An inexpensive tip is to dab and wipe your face with cotton wool pads soaked in mineral water. If you’re doing a special facial treatment or using a face mask, then using mineral water afterwards can help to seal in the benefits.

Use it in your makeup

As it releases elements that improve the application of makeup on your skin, it’s useful to wet your eye shadow using mineral water.

Use it as a facial spray

If you pour it into an atomiser, you can use mineral water throughout the day as a facial spray that you can carry around easily in your bag.

Hair benefits

If you try using mineral water to wash your hair you will notice great results. You can also use it as a spray to revitalise your hairstyle.

by editorial staff