Ecco le 4 cose che non sappiamo sul riciclo della plastica

Here are 4 things we don’t know about plastic recycling

Don’t throw your bottle caps in unsorted rubbish as they are not waste: by following the recycling rules we help the planet

MILAN – Recycling is now part of our everyday lives. Many of us know precisely how to be friendly to the environment, by playing by the rules that are designed to protect the earth. But with technological advancements and the widespread diffusion of Recycled Art, plastic recycling is constantly evolving, so much so that many of us risk being out of step with progress. Here are four things that many people don’t know about the topic.

The industries that recycle plastic want caps and lids

Plastic caps are not waste: don’t throw them in the unsorted rubbish bin. They are actually made out of valuable plastic materials. It’s important to check your local authority’s policies regarding the collection of plastic caps and lids. Recycling machinery breaks the plastic down into chips, turning them into flakes that are then submerged in water. The water itself is crucial to the separation of the products’ various resins. Optical scanners and new technologies can also help tremendously.

Recycled plastic can be reused in various different contexts

Packaging is often reused for the production of equipment for playgrounds, garden furniture, kitchen utensils and much more. Plastic yoghurt tubs can be turned into useful containers for food, tableware and other fresh products.

Bottles can be turned into clothing

Today, many clothing designers use fabrics made out of recycled plastic bottles in order to create new kinds of clothing: from fantastical dresses and comfortable T-shirts to warm jackets. Bottles are cleaned and chopped up, then heated up to produce fine threads that can be woven into soft durable fabrics. These recycled fabrics can be made with different weights and textures, providing a wide range of design options.

Plastic bags and packaging can be recycled in lots of places

It’s increasingly easy to recycle plastic bags, food wrappers and much more. Indeed, these materials are collected for recycling at various shops, as well as through some curbside schemes and drop-off stations managed by local authorities. Companies recycle all of this plastic, turning it into new bags or other products.

by editorial staff