Le 5 regole per risparmiare acqua in casa

Here are the 5 rules to save water at home

Water saving is a subject that has been discussed for a long time. Forbes magazine has published some useful suggestions to save the precious resource of water

MILAN – That of water-saving is a topic that has been discussed for a long time, because very often water for domestic use is used outdoor, to water plants, fill swimming pools or bath tubs. Using correctly a precious resource like water is the best way to comply with our water-saving principles. This is why Forbes, the famous magazine, has published some useful suggestions by Rea Gonzales, representative of the Los Angeles Department of Public Works, on how to save water and optimise water consumption to the maximum.

Reduce plant watering

Considering that most domestic water is used outdoors, Gonzales advised to save water starting with reduced plant-watering times, limiting this to late in the evening or very early in the morning, always using water in a moderate way. Plant watering at dawn reduces the possibility of water evaporating in the sun and the afternoon heat. Slow watering has the objective of letting water penetrate deeply, so as not to be dispersed but, to the contrary, for maximum efficiency. The advice is that of watering plants for five minutes, pausing for ten minutes, then start watering again for another five minutes.

Mind broken fittings

To best optimise the quantity of water used for plants, it is first of all necessary to ensure that there are no defects or sources of water loss from watering cans or sprinkers. It is also necessary to ensure that nozzles are pointed directly towards the plants and not elsewhere.

Checking for water losses

It is necessary to check periodically to identify and repair possible leaks from taps and pipes. It is also desirable to replace old models with new, more efficient models, so as to reduce the quantity of water used but not the pressure. No leak should be underestimated. Just think that a toilet not working properly can waste up to 200 litres of water per day.

Install more efficient devices

It is necessary to replace electrical white goods periodically, so as to ensure the greatest possible efficiency. The initial outlay will certainly be offset by less expensive bills, as well as a significant savings in water.

Choose less “thirsty” plants

In choosing plants for your balcony or garden, it is best to give preference to plants that require less water per day, like, for example, succulent plants. Another solution to save water could be the replacement of lawns with artificial grass carpets.

by Salvatore Galeone

June 15, 2017

credits: fotolia