Recycling Capital - 7 out of 10 Israelis Recycle Plastic Bottles

Israel is the recycling capital: 7 out of 10 Israelis recycle plastic bottles

The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics has released data on the recycling of plastic

MILAN – According to the latest data collected by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, 68% of Israelis regularly recycle plastic bottles and newspapers. The Bureau collected recycling statistics through a report called “Data on Recycling Habits of Israelis” which examined the trends of people age 20 and older. The quantity of waste recycled in 2014 reached 900,000 tonnes. This is roughly 18% of the total waste collected. The highest rates of recycling of plastic bottles were recorded in Netanya (84%), Ashdod (83%) and Tel Aviv (82%). According to the report, the rate of recycling in Jerusalem was 48%. The data shows how Israelis excel in bottle recycling compared to other products such as paper, cardboard, or electronics.

The recycling rate

The Central Bureau of Statistics revealed that while the majority of Israelis tend to recycle plastic bottles (67%), only half of them also recycles paper and cardboard (52%). The rate of recycling for all other products, such as batteries, electronics, and objects in general, was much lower however. The “Data on Recycling Habits of Israelis”, is part of the CBS 2014 Social Survey, which takes a look at the living conditions of Israeli citizens in connection with environmental conditions. Examining the data in detail, it turns out that Jerusalem has a much lower rate of recycling compared to other cities. In all these cities, with the exception of the Capital, over 80% of residents stated that they collect empty bottles in the appropriate containers. Thanks to their commitment, a large amount of these materials will find their way back to the shelves of supermarkets. This result has been achieved thanks to the efforts of companies, which over the years have been able to include more and more containers made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) which are 100% recyclable. In addition to PET, cutting-edge services are also provided. In fact, nearly 57% of the population of the country is satisfied with the recycling services available in their area. The most organized cities, where the population expresses the greatest satisfaction, are: Rishon Lezion (76%), Ashdod (70%), Petah Tikva (66%) and Tel Aviv (63%).

The Ministry's commitment

The Ministry of the Environment has stated that it will continue to promote the "recycling revolution" in Israel, with the aim of achieving 50% of waste recycled by 2020: "The Social Survey CBS will serve the Ministry as another tool for examining activities related to recycling. The Ministry will assess problems throughout the country based on various policies".

 by editorial staff