Matt Damon is back in the field to combat the water crisis

The American actor committed to protecting water resource

MILAN – With the subject of water particularly close to his heart, Matt Damon is strongly committed to ensuring access to water in all poor countries in the world. He believes that everyone should be able to make the same choices about their life. He supports a number of current projects: H2O Africa,, and, the most recent, Toilet Strike.

TOILET STRIKE – This campaign aims to communicate to people that 2.5 billion people in the world still don’t have access to water and sanitation services. In a three- minute video posted online by the NGO co-founded by the actor, Damon holds a fake press conference during which he makes his provocative statement: in protest against this global tragedy, and until this problem is resolved and everyone around the world has access to clean water and basic sanitation, he will go on strike from using the toilet.

H2O AFRICA and WATER.ORG - Matt Damon also founded H2O Africa, a project that aims to improve access to water and health and sanitation services in India, Kenya, Bangladesh and Honduras. Another association founded by Damon,, brings together web 2.0 experts in a movement that focuses on protecting water resources around the world, in particular in regions in difficulty such as Haiti. Damon illustrates how critical the situation is, with a baby dying every 15 seconds due to lack of access to water and health services. In this day and age dehydration is a ridiculous way to die, so the actor wanted to observe first-hand the scarcity of water in some parts of the world. Taking advantage of shooting in South Africa, he was able to witness the worrying situation gripping Zimbabwe, and the border town of Musina in particular.