Vegetable Nursery Home

The Vegetable Nursery Home comes to Vietnam, made from bamboo and 2,000 plastic bottles

The installation is also somewhere farmers can rest and a space where children can play and learn about their local ecosystem

MILAN – To help promote sustainable living in Vietnam, the “1 + 1 > 2 International Architecture Company” has created the Vegetable Nursery Home in collaboration with Action for the City. It is made of bamboo canes and over 2,000 plastic bottles. The Vegetable Nursery Home, on display at the Women’s Museum in Vietnam from 21st November to 24th December 2013, is now located at the Soc Son farm, where it has been transported for active use.

MORE THAN JUST A GREENHOUSE – In addition to functioning as a greenhouse, the structure is also a place where farmers can rest away from the rice fields and a space where children can play and learn about their local ecosystem. The project is part of a collaboration project between the governments of Vietnam and Ireland, created to provide better support for locals in this area of South East Asia.

THE DETAILS – The bottles used to complete the installation, donated by students and the local community, help regulate sunlight and control the temperature inside the nursery. As it is light in weight, the installation can be moved to other areas, to serve the cultivation demands in the area.

MODEL PROJECT – The project is an example of cooperation between rural habitants and urban citizens, and at the same time an example of research and applying recycled materials to construction, which could be rolled out to other models. A number of copycat models exist, including the house made from plastic bottles in Nigeria.