In Cina torna lo spettacolo delle sculture di ghiaccio

China: Ice sculpture show is back

The 32nd edition of the Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival has begun

MILAN - The 32nd edition of the Harbin International Snow and Ice Festival has just begun a few days ago: the ice sculpture show that has been running since 1984 in the city of Harbin, administrative centre of the province of Heilongjiang in North-western China. Masterpieces enhanced by LED lights, which every year are put on display by hundreds of professionals.

The harsh winter becomes an opportunity

The city of Harbin, which is at the border with Siberia, has transformed the extreme temperatures of its winters in a reason for merriment and art.  The 32nd edition of the Snow and Ice Festival was launched on 5th January 2016: the sculptors, who normally start working from the end of November, have set up a real frozen city, with hundreds of lit up constructions inspired by traditional Chinese architecture. From the most famous monuments around the planet to the world of fairy tales and imagination, the Chinese festival becomes one of the most prized destinations for lovers of the cold.

The most beautiful works of art

The past years saw the rendition of the Great Wall of China, the Egyptian pyramids and Reykjavík's Hallgrímskirkja, the tallest building in Iceland. Since 2009, artists have started drawing also from the Disney universe, after an agreement with the American company, creating sculptures of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other characters and creating a real-life version of Cinderella's castle. The last year's main attractions were, instead, an enormous enchanted tower made of ice and steel and a life-size steam train. The magic atmosphere created by artists in Harbin will last until the start of spring, when, with temperatures raising, the sculptures will melt, waiting until to following winter for the next appointment.

 by editorial staff