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Groundbreaking ceremony for the Sanpellegrino “Factory of the future”

To celebrate the 120 year anniversary of S.Pellegrino, work has begun on the new production plant of one of the best-known and iconic Italian brands in the world, designed by award-winning Danish architect firm, BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group.

San Pellegrino Terme - The new Sanpellegrino production plant is an innovative and technologically advanced structure, capable of harmonising the aesthetics of the plant with the surrounding territory and providing benefits for those who work there. On the occasion the 120th anniversary, S. Pellegrino gives its personnel and the local community the “Factory of the Future”, an innovatively designed creation that promotes the territory and improves the quality of the produce. A home-grown treasure that will continue to “bottle” memorable moments to be experienced over the coming years. The ground-breaking ceremony took place this morning, Friday 27 September, in the presence of Sanpellegrino CEO, Federico Sarzi Braga, the Mayor of Sanpellegrino, Terme Vittorio Millesi and Danish award winning architect Bjarke Ingels, head of the international studio BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) which was in charge of development of the “Factory of the Future”. The project, is scheduled for completion by 2022, requiring a total investment of €90 million in civil works, systems for the production and logistics department, as well as for restyling and expansion of the factory.

The Factory

Today we lay the first stone of the Future Factory that will officially launch us toward the future – stated Federico Sarzi Braga, Sanpellegrino Group Managing Directora gem of design and innovation capable of attracting tourists from all over the world. The philosophy with which the new structure is created best represents the values of the brand and the commitment of the ‘Made in Italy’ ambassador company: telling an extraordinary and non-relocatable asset like S.Pellegrino mineral water, generating value shared with the communities where we operate, improving the quality of work for our personnel.” The Sanpellegrino Future Factory bears the signature of BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group, an internationally renowned architectural firm that developed a design with modern lines, redrafting the local liberty tradition. Exposed architectural concrete arches will frame the factory, providing new glimpses of the Orobie Alps. A new road system and the access bridge to the facility will reduce heavy vehicle traffic through the inhabited centre. Furthermore, the presence of photovoltaic panels, high energy efficiency systems and water recovery systems for rational consumption of water resources, are all initiatives consistent with the company policies of sustainability and respect for the environment.

More attractive to tourists

The vision of Sanpellegrino's new Factory of the Future revolves around design,  innovation and its concept is based on the logistical and production operations of the site with a immersive experience that will welcome visitors from all over the world, contributing to making the Valle Brembana area more attractive to tourists. The glass surfaces that will cover the outside of the Factory will be symbolically reminiscent of the various physical states of water. The everyday wellness of all the employees will be increased by the complete renovation of the offices and changing rooms, with the creation of a new company cafeteria, a new break area and a fitness centre. With new spaces dedicated to production operations -approximately 2,800 square metres - the future factory will be able to handle the increased production predicted for the coming years. The project, which involves the territories of San Pellegrino Terme and Zogno, also comes about in the spirit of a virtuous relationship with the local communities with which the Sanpellegrino Group has always interacted by listening, supporting and cooperating.

The anniversary

The ground breaking ceremony of the Factory of the Future falls within the special events for the 120-year anniversary of S. Pellegrino water, an ambassador of Italian taste, quality, values and lifestyle in more than 150 countries since 1899. An icon of excellence, elegance and style, advocate of the art of Italian-style living. S.Pellegrino water represents a way of interpreting life that exalts style and beauty and cultivates the desire to create memorable moments with loved ones.

by Prisca Peroni