Arriva Levissima +: l’acqua con più sali minerali

Levissima+ arrives: the water with more mineral salts

Levissima+, now being sold by the best retailers, is a water that helps supply the body’s daily requirement for mineral salts.

MILAN – To face the challenges of everyday life without ever giving up, our body needs the right amount of mineral salts: Everyday climbers can now count on Levissima+, a new way to face the day with the desire to reach ever higher heights. Available in a choice of minerals which include magnesium, potassium or zinc, one bottle of Levissima+ per day helps supply the body’s daily requirement for mineral salts while still delivering taste and lightness thanks to the zero-sugar and zero-calorie content.

The value of Mineral salts

The Levissima+ range features three different varieties of 60 cl bottles with a choice between potassium, magnesium and zinc which are to be consumed depending on your needs:

  • Levissima+ Pro-power in blackberry flavour, contributes to normal muscle function thanks to its potassium supply, the perfect ally to face everyday challenges with momentum and vitality;
  • Levissima+ Pro-active, in green apple flavour, contains magnesium to help reduce tiredness and fatigue and increase concentration, perfect for those facing a long meeting in the office or a busy day;
  • Levissima+ Anti-oxidant in blackcurrant flavour contains the beneficial properties of zinc which contributes to protecting cells against oxidative stress to restore well-being.

The effect indicated is obtained with the daily intake of a bottle of Levissima+ as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, contributing to 16% of the daily requirement of each mineral.

The water of Everyday climbers

Levissima+, featuring a premium, exclusive design and mountain peak visible at the bottom of the bottle, is part of a market where the consumer is increasingly aware of their own well-being and self-care, preferring natural and healthy products.

All the Everyday Climbers, those “scaling” the peaks and aiming higher every day, can’t go without. Levissima+ is sold at all the best retailers nationwide and can be found on the water shelf. Aim higher every day!

by Prisca Peroni

7, 10 - 2018