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Levissima rewarded for best practices in social responsibility

The Lombardy Region awarded this important recognition for the mineral water of the Sanpellegrino Group

MILAN - An ongoing commitment to safeguarding the environment and sustainable development; tangible projects using a CSR policy and in synergy with the local community; particular attention paid to employees and associates; transparency in company organisation and business ethics. It is this framework of sustainability that has always been utilised by Levissima, the mineral water brand of the Sanpellegrino Group, who on the 17th February were rewarded by the Lombardy Region at an event celebrating the “Lombardy day of best practice in Social Responsibility”.

Levissima's commitment

“Levissima mineral water has undertaken a virtuous journey ever since it first flowed from its purest source in Alta Valtellina – says Stefano Marini, Business Unit Director of the Sanpellegrino Group – Whilst on the one hand our company demonstrates a focus on the responsible use of resources, on the environment and on links with the land and its people; on the other hand there is an ongoing commitment to the study of new technologies and tangible projects supporting issues such as recycling or energy conservation. The recognition received from the Lombardy Region confirms to us that we are moving in the right direction and it acknowledges the qualities of our brands, such as Levissima, a success story when it comes to sustainability, providing substance to the values that we believe in and that we preach".

Virtuous examples

The initiative, promoted by Unioncamere Lombardia with the Lombardy Chambers of Commerce, celebrates its sixth edition this year, involving 136 companies, leading players in RSO Best Practices. It involves small and medium businesses, as well as large companies and cooperatives that have distinguished themselves with their virtuous and responsible commitment toward society, the environment and stakeholders in general (staff, customers, suppliers, local communities).

by Alessandro Conte