S.Pellegrino is the Official Water of Expo 2015

The red star of S.Pellegrino to be the official water of Expo 2015 and the Italian Pavilion

The only company from the food and beverage industry to have a double partnership.

MILAN – The historic brand of S. Pellegrino, part of the Sanpellegrino Group and a symbol of the quality of Italian food and beverages around the world, will play a leading role in EXPO 2015. Today, at Ristorante Larte in Milan, it was announced that the famous red star will be the official water of EXPO 2015 and of the Italian Pavilion and manage the water-themed Piazzetta inside.

THE GROUP’S COMMITMENT – “The Sanpellegrino Group is the largest beverage company in Italy”, says Stefano Agostini, “our products are a byword for well-being and health. S.Pellegrino mineral water in particular is now sold in 138 countries and recognised as an ambassador for Italian taste, quality and style. So we think we are well-placed to represent our country at an internationally significant exhibition like the Expo. It’s a medium to long-term investment that we have embarked upon with the aim of emphasising the importance of water as a resource and the whole of Italy, to which the Group owes the success of its products”.

THE PARTNERSHIP – The details were announced during a press conference in which Stefano Agostini, President and CEO of the Sanpellegrino Group, Diana Bracco, the chairman of EXPO 2015 SpA and General Section Commissioner to Expo for the Italian Pavilion, and Giuseppe Sala, Managing Director of EXPO 2015 SpA participated.

SPECIAL EDITION – As the official water of EXPO 2015, S.Pellegrino will issue a special edition bottle, 150 million bottles of which will be on sale from January 2015 in 80 countries to promote the event on tables around the world. In addition, whilst the exhibition is open, education events will be run on how to have and maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle packed with taste. These will include promoting home-grown talents from the world of cooking and celebrity chefs.