One Couple Out of Three Prefer More Love and Less Sex

On Saint Valentine’s, one couple out of three prefer more love and less sex

At the top of the wish list of Italian couples is a romantic weekend at a spa, winning out over a night of passion

MILAN – Instead of impassioned nights and aphrodisiac dinners, one couple out of three (32%) dreams of more love and less sex for Saint Valentine's. According to an In a Bottle study**, passion and desire give way to the more romantic pleasures of being together and a weekend at the spa (63%) which is by far the idea Italian couples like best when considering how to spend the lovers’ day. A spa that can also help to solve typical problems such as lack of dialogue (47%), lack of constructiveness in addressing issues (22%) and the lack of ability to amaze one's partner (18%). Italian couples want to experience the romance of a relationship on Saint Valentine's day (38%), to ignite romantic feelings (32%) and escape the daily routine (21%).

What are the main difficulties in relationships?

For 47% of the couples monitored the main difficulty is the lack of dialogue, while 35% says that the sentimental side of the relationship is suffering. Twenty-two per cent considers that problems are no longer faced up to in a constructive manner while 27% says that a lack of satisfaction makes being in a couple less stimulating. For this reason at the top of the “shopping list” of things considered to be necessary is romance (63%), harmony (31%) and passion (29%). Other important aspects such as escapism (23%), tranquillity (11%), excitement (10%) and complicity (8%) follow.

But do Italian couples think they are close?

Only 19% stated that “we still know how to impress each other”, while 26% believe that, at the very least, as regards the important things they are on the same wavelength. Forty-four per cent claim not to be very close, in part because of frequent silly quarrels (24%) and in part because with time it becomes physiological (20%).

But what will they do for Saint Valentine’s?

The best idea for 63% is a break at a spa, maybe extending it to an entire weekend. The remaining couples (37%) are divided between those who will organize a classic dinner out and those, much fewer, who will opt for a short city break in Rome, Florence or Venice. What Italian couples want for Saint Valentine’s is romance  (38%), intimacy (32%) and to escape from the daily routine (21%).

Why do they opt for a break at a spa?

One couple out of 3 (33%) says it provides an opportunity to rediscover the romantic pleasure of being together while 24% chose it because it brings relaxation and psychophysical well-being. Then there are those (23%) who see the spa as a chance for a “tête-à-tête” to listen to the needs of the other person and bring out their latent characteristics (14%) or hidden desires (11%).

Michele Cucchi concludes that, “Being together in an environment like a spa is ideal because it focuses attention on the body, something that unfortunately we often neglect in daily life. This enhances our sensuality, the harmony with which we express feelings through movement, our desire to value and appreciate our bodies. The warmth, humidity and perfumes of these places are all factors that influence our feelings; perception has an emotional aspect that renders the experience subjective and these places encourage feelings conducive to seduction.”

**conducted with WOA (Web Opinion Analysis) methodology on about 350 Italian couples through monitoring the main social networks, blogs, forums and communities dedicated to understanding what couples dream of for Saint Valentine’s.



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