Sanpellegrino Group is giving 24 graduates the opportunity to train at the company and in the field

A new iteration of the project that nurtures young talent

MILAN – In 2015 the Sanpellegrino Group will launch the Sanpellegrino Sales  Campus Plus and offer 24 talented graduates the chance to gain training and hands- on experience at the company and in the field. There are 20 spaces in the sales department and a further four in other strategic areas of the Sanpellegrino business, including industrial manufacturing and distribution. The new project will start in February 2015 and take the form of a paid internship with spaces available across Italy.

OUR COMMITMENT – “Giving young people a focus in a climate like today’s is key for the future of our country”, says Stefano Agostini, President and CEO of the Sanpellegrino Group. “We created this project to make a contribution, to make our skills and our organisation available to help 24 young men and women further their training and professional skills, supporting them as they take their first steps in the world of work.”

TRAINING – The project involves classroom-based training days and time spent in the field alongside the company’s managers. The primary goal is to offer 24 outstanding and motivated young people the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the world of business and develop the necessary soft skills to take their place in the world of work and enjoy a successful career.

THE OPPORTUNITIES – The project focuses on optimising the talents and developing 20 young men and women in the company’s sales division. In 2015 the internship will also include strategic areas of the business – distribution  and manufacturing – where the four young people selected will be able to challenge themselves in a range of industrial settings in the Sanpellegrino Group, including San Giorgio in Bosco, Padua or Ruspino, Bergamo.

THE CAMPUS PROJECT – The Sanpellegrino Sales Campus Plus is part of the wider  Sanpellegrino Campus project, which was created to forge links with and support universities and young people. It began with the Sanpellegrino Campus Prize, the second  edition  of  which  was  awarded  in  2014,  and  recently  granted  three

scholarships of €1,500 and three internships to the best dissertations. Another project is being developed in parallel, Sanpellegrino Meets University, a programme that aims to create mutual flows of knowledge and expertise between the world of academia and Sanpellegrino.