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The third Sanpellegrino Sales Campus Plus has begun

The project aims to bring young people closer to the world of work. Ninety-eight per cent of the participants in the first two editions found a job

MILAN ­– Making the best use of the talents of young Italian graduates by helping them to develop the soft skills necessary to compete in the world of work and give impetus to a new way of doing business. It is with this spirit that the third edition of the Sanpellegrino Sales Campus Plus starts today. The project combines classroom with on-the-job training and in the last two years has allowed 98% of the participants to find a professional opportunity with Sanpellegrino or other well-known companies. Again this year, 19 young people from all over Italy were chosen from the more than 2000 newly qualified graduates who applied for a position on the selected team.

The company's commitment for youths

“Some time ago we undertook to make the best use of the talents of young people, which over the years has led to brilliant results,” states Stefano Agostini, President and CEO of the Sanpellegrino Group. “On the one hand they have brought new ideas and a new outlook on the market to the company which has proved to be advantageous for our business and, on the other hand, we are proud to have made and to make available again this year the skills our company has to offer to continue the training and professional growth of 19 young people.”

The Sanpellegrino Sales Campus Plus

The Campus consists of a 6-month internship, which includes classroom training and a period of on-the-job experience with the constant support of the company's skilled managers. It is a practical project with the primary objective of offering the possibility of experiencing first hand the dynamics of the business and develop the soft skills, that is a mix of psychological, relational and communication skills necessary to participate in the world of work and succeed professionally.

The project is now in its third edition and in the last two years has seen the company accompany over 50 newly qualified graduates in their first professional steps and get, after this experience, a job with Sanpellegrino or another well-known company. In 2016, a total of 19 new positions are foreseen, broken down as follows: 10 in the sales area; 6 in manufacturing, equally distributed in the aroma production factory and R&D in Madone (Bergamo) and in the Ruspino (Bergamo) and Cepina (S0ndrio) plants where two of the company’s top brands of water, S. Pellegrino and Levissima are bottled; and 3 in the supply chain.

The Sanpellegrino Campus macro project

Sanpellegrino Sales Campus Plus is part of the broader Sanpellegrino Campus project set up in order to establish closer contacts with, and support universities and young people. The project started with the Sanpellegrino Campus Award, which will shortly close applications for the third edition in order to award three scholarships worth 1,500 euros and three internships to the best theses on Water and Wellness, Environmental and Economic Sustainability and Made in Italy. At the same time, another project will be developed, Sanpellegrino Meets University, a programme that aims to create a mutual exchange of knowledge and experiences between the academic world and Sanpellegrino.

Nestlé to support the European project

Sanpellegrino Sales Campus Plus is a Sanpellegrino Group project developed within the framework of the broader programmeNestlé needs YOUth with which Nestlé undertakes to create 20,000 new professional positions for young people under 30 years of age in Europe over the next three years. By 2016 Nestlé will offer 10,000 apprenticeships and internships and 10,000 professional positions for young people from all the countries of Europe. 

by Prisca Peroni