Alessandro Zanasi: “Proper hydration helps get back in shape”

Water and hydrating foods provide a helping hand

MILAN – Summer is just around the corner and the race to get back in shape is on. We asked Dr Alessandro Zanasi, an expert from the Sanpellegrino Observatory, in what way proper hydration can support your efforts to get fit again.

How important is proper hydration when you’re trying to get fit?

We sweat more in summer, we lose more liquids and automatically need to drink more. Proper hydration, and this applies to the whole year, helps keep our bodily functions running: from maintaining body temperature to removing toxic substances from catabolism

Cellulite is one of the most feared afflictions at this time of year. Can it be cured?

Some flaws simply can’t be banished with water. However, proper hydration does keep skin more nourished and clearer. It’s not true that water helps get rid of  cellulite, but it can certainly prevent it, if you think about water retention and a good diet, for example.

What food myths need to be debunked at this time of year?

Without a doubt the idea that skipping meals means by not eating you won’t put on weight or will actually lose weight. A healthy diet means choosing the right foods, because if skipping lunch means you over compensate in the evening, then you’re on the wrong track. A good breakfast is also very important; it must be rich and varied.

What foods help the body reach peak hydration?

Essentially the foods that provide water and minerals. It’s nearly summer so a lot of fruit like strawberries and kiwis, for example. Although it is true that these “hydrating” foods should be eaten throughout the year, depending on what’s in season. Then there are vegetables, which give a feeling of being full and provide useful nutrients. Broccoli, for example is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and ageing.