Andrea Illy, bisogna imparare a raccontare la bellezza dell’Italia

Andrea Illy, we must learn to talk of Italy’s beauty

Illy Caffè’s CEO and Chairman of the Altagamma Foundation spoke in the course of the conference on the Made in Italy brand organized by Sanpellegrino

MILAN – In the world, the top of the range market is worth one trillion euro and Italy covers about 10%. In order to increase the market share and make the Made in Italy brand a winner in the world we must also be able to show what the creative cultural industry is able to produce with its own hands and intellect. This is what Andrea Illy, CEO of Illy Caffè and Chairman of the Altagamma Foundation, claimed as he spoke at the conference titled “The Made in Italy brand after the Expo – Creating a system to win in the world” promoted by Sanpellegrino at the Expo on October 6.

The Made in Italy brand is famous throughout the world not only because it is a way to represent the beauty of our country but also because we have many sectors that represent the cultural and creative industry such as fashion, design, food, hospitality, jewellery, engines, boats. By creating synergies amongst them, these sectors make Italy an international champion in the top of the range market, a market worth over a trillion euro at global level of which Italy has a share of about 10%. We must set the objective of doubling these 100 billion by increasing also the long term market share.

To further boost the Made in Italy brand, a holistic approach is necessary, that is, we must offer a transversal vision because the knowledge, the cultural heritage and the customers are the same whether they are buying mineral water, coffee, or hospitality. The fact of pursuing inter-sector synergies is a source of extraordinary competitive advantage just as being able to narrate the beauty of Italy. We are very good at doing things but less talented in describing what we do. For this reason we must insist on the notion that we cannot be an army of soloists all practicing a different sport. Individualism alone is not sufficient and therefore creating a system, a synergy, would be extremely helpful.

by editorial staff