Stefano Agostini: Aziende e Università per la competitività del Sistema Italia_alt tag

Companies and Universities for competitiveness of the Italian System

The Chairman and Managing Director of Gruppo Sanpellegrino gave an overview presentation at a convention centred upon young people, business and Made in Italy products and services

MILAN – On 6 April 2016, at IULM (University Institute for Modern Languages), the 3rd Sanpellegrino Campus Award was presented and a debate was promoted on the topic “Young People and Business: what system can link Universities and Companies to favour employment and promote Made in Italy products and services”.  Prominent company managers intervened, such as Enrico Moretti Polegato, Chairman of Diadora; Camilla Lunelli, Communication Director of Cantine Ferrari; Andrea Saviane, Country Manager of Bla Bla Car Italia. On the margin of meeting the Chairman and Managing Director of Gruppo Sanpellegrino, Stefano Agostini, provided an overview of the Companies-Universities relationship.

“Companies and Universities have the opportunity to draw nearer and contribute to improving the competitiveness of the Italian System.

This is an issue that is talked of a lot and in this field we are competing with other countries that are more advanced: our opportunity is that, on the one hand, we can observe what is happening within the training pathway of young people to try and familiarise them with the business world and on the other to bring the corporate mentality into Universities.

Today, companies are increasingly more convinced that in order to be competitive they need a mixture of different cultures and experience. Within this mix age and gender diversity is very important.

Having a more senior generation compared to a younger population brings a wealth of ideas and approaches. Young people have mastered all things digital whereas more senior individuals have not and the digital element is exactly what is essential for companies today. Knowing how to master the digital element must be within the awareness of all young people approaching companies.

The Sanpellegrino Campus Project is born with this objective, that is to say, on the one hand in order to approach Universities, but also to reach the home of talented youth. In three years we involved more than 80 young people originating from all over Italy with the purpose of having them work with us in various areas and make them become operational thanks to a tutorship allowing them to gain a vision of the corporate world and acquire clear responsibilities in view of measurable objectives” 

by Prisca Peroni