DJ Ringo: “Water is like music: it’s life”

Three questions put to the famous DJ and artistic director of Virgin Radio Italy When was your passion for music born?

Even when I was small, a child, I would disappear with my dad’s portable record player for as long as the batteries lasted, worn out by spinning Elvis, the Beatles and the Kinks 45 times!

Is working in radio challenging?

It’s all so subjective it’s almost impossible to answer that question. I take for granted that everyone should love their work and, just like love, it needs to be built up, consolidated, respected and we should always on the lookout for something new.

Does water help you keep up with the schedule of your programmes or a night on the decks?

Water is like music: it’s life. I’m actually part of a music project, Rezophonic, founded by the legendary drummer Mario Riso; at every concert we do, we collect donations for AMREF to build wells in Africa.