Fiammetta Cicogna: “mineral water prepares me to face the wild”

The blonde beauty highlights the importance of proper hydration and reveals the aesthetic value of a bottle of water

MILAN – The beautiful Fiammetta Cicogna, an emerging talent in Italian television and known to many as the intrepid presenter of the programme Wild – Oltrenatura [Wild – Beyond Nature] the programme that explores the fascination with and thrills of coming face to face with nature at its wildest. An insight into how she views mineral water.

LIVE WILD – As presenter of the programme, she is exposed to the risk of dehydration during shooting. “It happened when I was climbing a wall of ice for an episode of Wild - Oltrenatura,” says Fiammetta Cicogna. “A lot of people think you’re only at risk when it’s very hot and you sweat a lot, but you need to be careful and not underestimate the cold. It happened to me and I can say from experience that cold dehydrates you a lot more quickly than you realise”.

LOVE YOUR BOTTLE – How does she feel about mineral water? “Devoted is an understatement”, says the presenter with a smile. “In addition to nature, I also learnt how to stand the heat in the kitchen during a recent job and I love organising dinners, lunches and brunches for friends a few times a week, something that, in addition to spending time with your friends, lifts your mood because you’re surrounded by things you like. And the elegance of a nice bottle of mineral water gives that cool, vintage touch that’s so much more effective than a pitcher.”

THE POWER OF WATER – She presents a programme that challenges our ability to survive, but what would she do without water? “To me, water is strength, I’m on the go all day, I travel a lot, I’m often under stress,” says Fiammetta Cicogna. “My life is hectic and a glass of water can help support me and keep me calm, it helps when you’re tired out, and it also makes you calmer, fresher and more relaxed to be around. The offer of a nice glass of mineral water is always appreciated and I’m not kidding when I say mineral water is your friend.”