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The importance of respecting natural balances when drawing water

Piero Viola, Water Resources Manager for Gruppo Sanpellegrino, talks about the company's commitment to not wasting water during its production production processes, using only what is absolutely necessary

MILAN – Drawing only the necessary quantities for their operations from the source and leaving what is not needed to nature. This is the commitment that Gruppo Sanpellegrino promotes in its plants where the water drawn from aquifers is bottled. On the occasion of World Water Day, Piero Viola, Water Resources Manager for Gruppo Sanpellegrino, explains the importance of protecting this asset and educating on the protection of this natural resource.

The voyage of the water

Piero Viola thinks emotionally about the voyage the water makes before it can be pleasantly sipped and the role plays in bringing it pure all the way to us, after having balanced it perfectly in its mineral composition. “I have the great fortune of having worked with water and for water for a long time – the Water Resources Manager recounts – Each time I have a pure water source before me, I think about the long voyage that this water has made within the intimacy of the ground. When I drink it, I will have the good fortune of tasting a secret salt of the earth. This is something that moves me.”

Explaining to safeguard the asset of water

Piero Viola explains the importance of managing a mining concession and an aquifer, which require technical skills and qualified professionals. “When human beings use water, they must do so thoughtfully, respecting the natural balances, drawing only the indispensable quantities from the source, minimising waste and returning unused water to the environment, but in any case respectful of the environment itself.” These are skills that the Gruppo Sanpellegrino Water Resources Manager seeks to convey within his team in any way possible. “On a family level, I am often strict, but always motivating my actions. In fact, the explanation, the conviction, the scientific, but also less scientific motivation, is very important in bringing people on board with a common mission of safeguarding, defending and perpetuating this highly precious asset.”



by Prisca Peroni