Lamberto Tacoli, sviluppare il turismo per rilanciare il Made in Italy

Lamberto Tacoli, develop tourism to re-launch the Made in Italy brand

Lamberto Tacoli, develop tourism to re-launch the Made in Italy brand

MILAN – Among the Made in Italy sectors that have met with great success in the world we find the nautical sector. Lamberto Taccoli, Chairman and CEO of Crn Yacht – Ferretti Group and President of Nautica Italiana confirmed this at the conference promoted by Sanpellegrino at the Expo on October 6, and explained that the re-launch of the Made in Italy brand after the Expo is implemented also through the creation of new infrastructures connected with tourism.

At times we talk of the nautical sector inappropriately, but it still represents an excellence of the Made in Italy brand. It is a sector of profound artisan culture, which in dimension has grown to become an industry. We would like, and we shall do our best to talk about it and enhance it. It often happens that one confuses those who build boats with those who buy them, an inappropriate comparison, to my mind. We must continue to invest in order to develop an industry which continues to remain an Italian excellency and a leader in the world.

I believe that the Expo has been a great example of teamwork. Finally Italians have shown that they can achieve more by working in concert with the Government and the Institutions. As far as Italian entrepreneurs are concerned, we must continue with what is our creativity and our ability to show it to the world.

I’m a great fan of tourism and I hope that finally we can implement a great tourist project in Italy connected to the infrastructures and logistics that can bring back this wonderful country at the centre of all foreign requests. For this reason, it is necessary to make Italy increasingly attractive and regain tourism leadership in Europe and in the world.

by editorial staff