Luca Marin, my secret is water

Luca Marin, my secret is water

The athlete shares just how important proper hydration is for someone competing at such high levels

MILAN – Water and sport. A key element that affects the performance of any athlete. Luca Marin, a promising swimmer and one of the great hopes of the Italian team for the next Olympics, chats to us exclusively about how proper hydration is the foundation of a healthy and balanced lifestyle for anyone, also and above all for an athlete.

Can you let us in on how you stay hydrated?

I always try and drink at least a litre of water during training sessions; we put the bottle on the block so we can reach it as soon as we have a free moment.

Does anything change in your water-drinking habits depending on the kind of competition (discipline, length)?

No, there’s not much difference. Hydration is essential both for short and long distances, whatever the discipline. Obviously long- distance swimmers have a different approach, given the distances they have to cover. How much of an impact does proper hydration have on performance at an event? Proper hydration is fundamental to set a good race time. In any discipline, be it resistance or, even more so, endurance, it’s very important for an athlete to be able to drink plenty before, during (if possible) and after their exertions at regular intervals to increase their performance levels and give the best physically.

Have you ever been dehydrated? What did you do when that happened?

To be honest it rarely happens, because even when I’m away from home I always make sure I have my water “provisions” with me.

What rules do you follow for hydration pre, during and post event?

I try to drink as much as possible by taking small sips before the competition, given that I obviously can’t drink anything during, and then I try and replenish water immediately afterwards.