The myths of mineral water - debunked

Dr. Giuseppe Sposato contradicts and confirms some of the common myths about hydration

MILAN – We asked Dr. Giuseppe Sposato from the Ambrosiana Hospital the truth about some common preconceptions about hydration and mineral water.

You need to drink a lot in the morning… TRUE

Drinking more water early in the morning is not generally viewed as essential, in my opinion, even though doing so could help the body’s daily, homeostatic routine and would improve the action of the intestines.

You don’t need to drink water during meals… FALSE

Drinking mineral water at set times of the day and/or before, during or after means can have an impact depending on the reason for doing so and the type of water drunk.

Water that is low in minerals helps lose weight... TRUE

Water that is poor in minerals with very low levels of elements and salts dissolved in it can have an indirect role on weight loss by having a diuretic effect and increasing the removal of impurities from the body.

You should drink very cold water after intense physical exercise or after spending a long time in the sun… FALSE

the difference between the temperature of the body and the water you drink, particularly after intense physical activity, but also when you haven’t been working out, can cause a negative reaction in the systems that control your neurones that can result in feeling unwell.

Room-temperature water is more thirst quenching… FALSE

Replacing lost liquids and trace elements in the water quenches your thirst, regardless of the temperature of the water.

The amount of water you should drink varies depending on: age... TRUE

We need different amounts of water at different stages in our lives. New-borns and children need more water than adults, calculated in terms of amount of calories for children and litres per day for adults. Older people need more water as they have a decreased sense of thirst.

sex... TRUE

The amount of water we need differs according to sex. Women need more during pregnancy and when breast-feeding

the seasons... TRUE

We need to drink more water during summer because of the weather conditions our bodies are subjected to and because we sweat more, even when doing the same physical activities as in the colder or more temperate months.

geographical area... TRUE

Living in different geographical areas with different climate conditions requires different amounts of water

work... TRUE

Performing physically demanding tasks in unfavourable micro-climates means we need more water to replace what we lose through sweat and expending energy and heat.