Stefano Agostini, il Made in Italy è una risorsa del nostro Paese

Stefano Agostini, the Made in Italy brand is a resource for our country

The Chairman and CEO of Gruppo Sanpellegrino explains the value of the Manifesto presented and delivered to the Government at the Expo

MILAN – On October 6th, Expo hosted a conference promoted by Sanpellegrino in collaboration with the Altagamma Foundation during which the “Made in Italy Manifesto” was presented. The document, undersigned by entrepreneurs and important associations such as Confartigianato (Craftsmen’s confederation) and Confagricoltura (Farmers’ confederation), was delivered to the Undersecretary for Reform, Ivan Scalfarotto on behalf of the Government. Stefano Agostini, Chairman and CEO of Gruppo Sanpellegrino, explains in an interview the value of the Manifesto and of the Made in Italy brand.

Sanpellegrino’s main strategic asset is the promotion in Italy and in the world of the quality of its products and all the values that these emanate. We believe these values embrace what we call the Italian Life style and our commitment is that every day the international consumer may have the pleasure of experiencing it at best.

The Expo is an opportunity not only to bring our products of excellence around the world but also to attract foreigners to our country so they may live this experience in the places where these products of excellence are generated. The values of the Manifesto is that of explaining that the Made in Italy brand is not only a huge resource for the single producers but also for our whole country.

To enhance the value of the Made in Italy brand it is important to understand that Italy is made up of a variety of territories that have different flavours that tell different stories and that have different characteristics. Therefore, this variety is the greatest asset of the Made in Italy brand that needs to be told so that the foreign consumer truly understands its value.

by editorial staff