Stefano Agostini, CEO of Sanpellegrino, Explains Campus Project

Stefano Agostini, President and CEO of Sanpellegrino, explains what inspired the Campus project and how important Expo 2015 is for Italy

The company’s commitment as told during the award ceremony of the second Sanpellegrino Campus Prize

MILAN – Interviewed on the side-lines of the award ceremony for the second  Sanpellegrino Campus Prize, the President and CEO of the Sanpellegrino Group, Stefano Agostino, explained what inspired the Sanpellegrino Campus project and the potential impact of Expo on developing the Italian system.

“The Sanpellegrino Campus project was created with the dual aim of bringing together young people and universities so that we can benefit from the input and stimulus a company like ours needs to remain competitive and give them an opportunity to come into contact with a corporate environment like ours.

We are committed to promoting links like this to listen to universities and young people and explain to them how a company is structured. In addition to encouraging the young people to study and write their dissertations about our industry, with the incentive of scholarships and internships.

Then, this year we set up a more comprehensive project; the Sanpellegrino Sales Campus, which saw us give 30 young people six-month  internships  with  the company and give them business and sales experience across Italy.

We see Expo as a huge opportunity, not just for Sanpellegrino, but for the whole of Italy. We think it is an excellent shop window to show Italian and foreign visitors to encourage them to experience the best of Italy, both products and social activities.

As a partner of Expo 2015 and the Italian Pavilion, we will emphasise the number of topics that are so important to us, such as sustainability, explaining how we look after our springs and the land they are set in. We will also address health topics related to hydration and also gastronomy and the international food market because S.Pellegrino makes us an ambassador of the Italian way of life around the world”.