Tessa Gelisio, I can’t manage without water

The beautiful television presenter gives an exclusive interview to In a Bottle about her life and her passions

In the video interview released exclusively by our outlet, Tessa Gelisio, describes herself as a committed environmentalist. The well-known face of sea life television programme “Pianeta Mare” shares how even as a child she was passionate about nature, growing up in the countryside with her parents. Charming and committed, the television host is so passionate about the environment she has even written two interesting books on the subject: “Guida ai Green Jobs” [A Guide to Green Jobs] and “Come risparmiare in casa” [Savings at home].

From the sea to the stove: today Tessa Gelisio hosts “Cotto e mangiato” [Cooked and Eaten], an entertaining programme about cooking. This new role of cook has inspired her to write two new books; one about cooking on a budget and one a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her cooking show.

Her passion for good food and the environment goes hand-in-hand with an interest in health and well-being. Careful of her emotional and physical well-being, she's sure to get her four litres of water a day – which are certainly making her beautiful!