Vincenzo Gambino, hydration helps the hair in summer

Vincenzo Gambino, hydration helps the hair in summer

The San Raffaele expert explains how to guarantee excellent hair conditions during the summer season

MILAN – If your head is already at the seaside, you must take care due to the heat, sun and chlorine that can weaken your hair. We asked Vincenzo Gambino, professor at the Milan San Raffaele, for some tips on how to look after our hair, beginning with correct hydration.

What is the best way to provide adequate hydration for the hair?

Diet and external prevention factors are fundamental for averting any heat damage. Conditioners and protective oils can help. Correct hydration and an appropriate diet are also essential. Vegetables and fruits and especially a lot of water are essential, especially in the summer when we sweat more because of the heat. Water is important for our bodies and therefore also for our hair and one should be prefer onethat is rich in mineral salts.

Which categories are at the highest risk?

The elderly and children are in the most delicate group. In the hottest hours of the day they should avoid exposure to the sun and they should drink abundantly in order to prevent problems connected to dehydration.

What effect do diet and hydration have on the scalp?

Good hydration especially helps the scalp in the prevention of itching, burning and reddening: water rich in minerals is particularly suited. More generally, correct hydration has an impact on complete psycho-physical wellbeing.

Can you give us some advice on looking after our hair in the summer?

The heat makes hair dry and frizzy, so after a swim in the sea or taking a dive, rinsing your hair in fresh water is essential. In fact, chlorine in pools especially contributes greatly to stressing the hair. You should also avoid using a hair dryer and a brush, both of which can damage the hair if used excessively. Your diet should be rich in foods that contain Omega three, zinc and selenium. These are compounds that help to improve hair quality.

by editorial staff