Inaugurato lo stabilimento di Acqua Panna a energia pulita. Un'altra iniziativa del Gruppo Sanpellegrino per lo sviluppo sostenibile

Clean water for the Acqua Panna plant

The new plant will be powered by LNG, an innovative fuel that has a lower environmental impact.

SCARPERIA (FI) – The new clean-energy plant was inaugurated on the 23rd November, in the presence of Federico Ignesti, Mayor of Scarperia San Piero, Gianpiero Mongatti, Mayor of Barberino del Mugello, Claudio Scarpelli, Mayor of Fiorenzuola and Paolo Omoboni, Mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo. It is entirely powered by LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), a fuel with reduced environmental impact that will supply the entire Scarperia production site, where Acqua Panna, ambassador of taste and symbol of Tuscan excellence on tables across the world, is bottled.

Sanpellegrino's commitment

This project is part of the activities carried out by the Sanpellegrino Group, of which Acqua Panna is part, which has long been committed to enhancing mineral water with an extremely innovative approach to ensure high standards of quality and high levels of environmental sustainability are achieved. Thanks to LNG’s distinctively lower levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions compared to other fuels and its total lack of sulphur dioxide and particulates, Acqua Panna has optimal energy provisions to effectively manage the plant’s production processes, making the bottling plant even more sustainable.

Innovation of the Tuscan plant

A significant result achieved thanks to the continuous investments in the field of innovation and sustainable development policies aimed at promoting a lower environmental impact, as Donatella Cursi, Director of the Acqua Panna plant underlined. “We are particularly proud to power the Scarperia plant with a new energy system, fully powered by LNG, that will significantly help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”. Cursi also stated “This project marks a significant moment in the history of Acqua Panna and the entire Sanpellegrino Group, which has long supported initiatives aimed at making its business more sustainable and adding value to the territories in which it operates”.

The Scarperia production site and the LNG plant brings to fruition a development process characterised by sustainability, which starts from the protection of sources and surrounding ecosystems, restricted from human activity and moves towards the efficiency of production systems through energy and water saving, sustainable logistics plans and the promotion of educational activities on the proper use of water and recycling.

Environmental performance

Since 2014, the plant, which employs 156 people, has been operating on a “zero landfill waste, 100% recycling” principle, a company policy that has enabled 1,426,429 kg of waste produced in 2012 to be completely recycled. In the last 5 years, the company has also reduced the electricity consumption (-9%) and water consumption (-8%) necessary to produce a bottle of mineral water, reflecting the fact that all ancillary operations, such as washing, rinsing and industrial use, have been optimised to reduce water and energy waste.

Between 2012 and 2016, Acqua Panna reduced the Scarperia site’s CO2 emissions by 54.9%, from 1.84 to 0.83 kg. Every 1,000 bottles produced represents the will to achieve increasingly satisfying results and aims to significantly lower the environmental impact.

by Alessandro Conte

November 28, 2016