Nestle Waters' Agrivair Project Receives Award

The Nestlé Waters Agrivair project receives award in France from President Hollande

One of the seven best initiatives for investment in the environment, the economy, society and the local area

MILAN – Precisely 20 years after it began, the Agrivair project set up by Nestlé Waters in France to protect natural sources of water was honoured by the President of  France, Francois Hollande, with an important recognition. It became part of “La  France des Solutions”, a special programme that champions the best initiatives that invest in the environment, the economy, society and the local area.

PROTECTING MINERAL WATER – When stating the reasons, President Hollande emphasised the benefits that the Agrivair project has had on the country, in particular, that “it has become an opportunity for reconciling ecology and farming, as in the case of protecting mineral water”. The recognition was awarded during a press conference organised by the French ONG, “Reporter of Hopes” and the Cese Institution, the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council.

WHAT IS AGRIVAIR – The initiative, which covers 25,000 acres, has helped improve the quality of the soil in the region, protecting biodiversity since 1992. In the past two decades, Nestlé Waters has worked with local figures, including farmers, businesses, residents and gardeners to help balance economic growth in the Vosges region, by protecting water resources. By involving experts and the local community, the Agrivair initiative has become a unique model for partnerships and sustainable development.