Water starts flowing again for the people of Davao

After years of unstable access to water, around 2000 people can make use of a water system.

MILAN - Water is the source of our life and when it is lacking it becomes a serious problem. The people of Davao know this well. Davao is one of the most important cities in the Philippines and the de facto capital of the Island of Mindanao. After having spent the last years gasping for lack of water, around 2000 inhabitants will be able to make use of a new water system, designed to provide water to families in difficulty.

Two years of intense work

After two years of hard word, the residents of Mandug's DDF Village were able to benefit from a water supply, starting from mid November 2015. The resources are taken from the Dumoy spring, which was able to distribute water to more than 1000 families, supplied by a cistern with a capacity of more than 400 cubic metres of water. DCWD (Davao City Water District), in collaboration with Apo Agua Infrastructura Inc., a joint venture between Aboitix Equity Ventures and JV Angeles Construction Corporation, have signed an agreement for the supply of around 10 billion litres of water.

Field controls

All proposals made by DCWD were examined and approved by the Municipal Council of Davao. The district has 25 sampling stations in Tamugan, which are used to verify the chemical and physical properties of the water, to evaluate the presence of bacteria.  According to the last unconfirmed reports, however, Apo Agua will help formulate, implement and fund watershed conservation programs in the entire area. In addition, in the area, the ongoing reforestation process will be continued.

Strong synergy between parts

On 12 November, a press conference was organised, in collaboration with the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources 11's River Basin Control Office, where the local administration and all parties have confirmed their commitment in promoting cooperation, to develop long-term relations between all parties involved. Rolando Pinsoy, development management officer at MinDa, added that he has allocated more than 1 billion dollars in reforestation projects for the Agus and Pulangui rivers, primary source of electricity in Mindanao.

by editorial staff