I Fashion Brands utilizzano plastica riciclata per le ultime tendenze

Fashion brands use recycled plastic for the latest trends

NoMiNoU & Co have introduced recycled PET materials into their chain of production

MILAN – Love for the environment should be a priority, although it is not always pursued. Fortunately, there are companies which have given no small impetus to this cause in the past decade. Introducing PET bottles (polyethylene terephthalate), for example, has enabled consumers to drink bottled water in the knowledge that they are using a 100% recyclable material, which can also be re-used for the production of new objects, including clothing lines from fashion brands.

Forward-looking companies

There are companies which, in the course of history, have been able to introduce recycled materials into their production. One of these brands is NoMiNoU, headed by its founder and creative director, Julianna Smith, who a short time ago, launched a new yoga line in North America: clothing 100% composed of recycled PET, recovered from plastic bottles. Ms. Smith is a #GirlBoss on a mission who has been able to incorporate her artistic side with company policy, to create this special clothing in a nature-friendly way. Julianna is not the only person who has been able to transform recycled plastic into new products to release onto the market. ECOALF is also in the process of encouraging ecologically sustainable production; elegant products, such as chic puffer jackets or their metallic backpack.

Eco-friendly brands

Amongst the main eco-friendly brands, we will also find Matt & Nat (based in Montreal), a company which creates bags partially made from recycled plastic bottles, capable of communicating a fashion-forward effect. No one would ever have thought that these products, other than being beautiful and functional, would carry an ethical message within them. Even G-STAR RAW has introduced recycled material into its products. To give a simple example, it has collaborated with the singer, Pharrell Williams, to design a collection called “RAW for the oceans”. Finally Bionic Yarn uses plastic collected from the seas to produce filaments integrated into clothing production.

by editorial staff