In Florida nasce la prima città interamente alimentata a energia solare_alt tag

In Florida first city entirely powered by solar energy

Babcock Ranch can be considered the prototype of the city of the future; its first lot of 1,100 apartments will become available in 2017

MILAN - Once complete, the built-up area will be able to host 50,000 inhabitants in more than 19,000 apartments, which will have to be powered by 75 megawatts of solar energy. The ambitious project, in addition, complies with the requests of President Barack Obama, aiming at producing 25% of the US energy requirements through renewable sources by the end of 2025. Thus, in Florida, as reported by Time magazine, the first city powered entirely with solar energy is about to be born.

Smart city

The idea was conceived by Syd Kitson, owner of the estate agency that ten years ago acquired land on which the smart city of the future is being planned. How much will one house cost? The prices for the Babcock Ranch apartments will range from 200,000 to 800,000 and the first lot to be delivered (around 1,100 apartments, is expected for 2017. The aim is to get to 19,000 properties.

The Babcock Ranch project

In addition to the apartments, construction of a school has also been planned, together with offices and shops, all powered by photovoltaic panels. The use of electric or hybrid vehicles will also be encouraged, whereas street illumination will be managed through a network of solar panel batteries connected to each light point, accumulating during the day the necessary energy to give out during the night.

Consumption will be optimised by a smart grid network connected with the houses of those who will want to produce more energy than necessary for their requirements in order to sell it to who might need it. The Kitson & Partner Agency has acquired 370 km of properties for a value of 700 million dollars and has sold 295 to the State of Florida (for a value of 350 million dollars) with the aim to create a natural reserve.

di Alessandro Conte