Flotation Therapy is here to soothe and spread happiness

Imagine an environment free from gravity, tension and pain. No such thing? Now there is!

MILAN – Experts are calling it REST, Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy, but it’s more often referred to as Flotation Therapy. It is a pioneering and visionary trend in the wellness industry that exploits the properties of water and the laws of physics, allowing the mind and body to truly relax.

WEIGHTLESS – Developed by American doctor John Lilly, who had already seen its potential, Flotation Therapy falls within the scope of hydrotherapy. It is carried out in a sensory deprivation tank, so called because it cuts off the stimuli of sound and light. Not much bigger than a bath tub, the tank is filled with 25 cm of water at a temperature of approximately 35°C, to which 500 kg of magnesium sulphate is added in the form of Epsom salts. When dissolved in such a small amount of water the salt allows the body to float like in the Dead Sea. The feeling it produces is similar to being in a zero gravity environment.

FREES THE MIND – The gravity-free environment makes you feel as light as air, increasing the feeling of being free from burdens. For the very fact that is has a positive influence on a psychological level, this sense of relief helps bear pain better, heal more quickly, relax, improves sleep quality and induces a euphoric state. All of which add to the fun of the experience.

HELPS THE BODY – In addition, flotation therapy also helps the joints. It is recommended for arthritis and osteoarthritis and also for pain caused by sporting  injuries as it speeds up rehabilitation. It provides relief from chronic pain and migraines. This treatment is suitable for everyone, but should be postponed if you have open wounds as salt water can cause them to sting. Be careful if you suffer from low blood pressure as this will fall further whilst in the tank. There’s no need to worry if you are claustrophobic as the lid can be left half-closed and some spotlights can be left on.