Acqua Beauty Bar

New York, there’s something about Acqua Beauty Bar

The latest beauty trend straight from the Big Apple, halfway between a water bar and a beauty farm

NEW YORK –  Traditional beauty farms have  had  their heyday, spas  feel old- fashioned, moisturising creams are no longer enough. So now, from the very land that gave us so many Hollywood divas, comes the latest revolutionary beauty trend. A sort of water therapy to purify oneself and hydrate the skin, not just from the inside but from the outside too, for an even more comprehensive and effective treatment. Where? Near the glossy environment of 5th Avenue at Acqua Beauty Bar, New York. Every type of massage, exfoliating treatments, hair treatments, many of which are based on water. And as if that weren’t enough to be always looking and feeling your best, some people don’t stop at using mineral water as a mere ingredient in beauty treatments, they even bathe in it, like Mariah Carey.

MUCH MORE THAN A SPA – Located at the very heart of the Big Apple, Acqua Beauty Bar offers a full range of spa treatments performed using natural ingredients, with water as a key feature. The concept is to combine the benefits of Asian customs and natural ingredients with modern and cutting-edge techniques. Treatments range from the Acqua Purifying Facial to the Acqua Manicure and Pedicure which use the purifying action of water combined with natural ingredients and therapeutic massage to reactivate microcirculation.

FAMOUS EXCESSES – Mineral water is not just used as a secret ingredient in beauty treatments. Singer Mariah Carey is amongst the fans of water therapy and, according to the Huffington Post, likes to bathe in mineral water. The stars of one of the biggest reality shows in Brazil were quick to follow suit. An article in the Daily  Mail tells of how the millionaires in the show are in the habit of taking a refreshing bath in mineral water.