The stars who get carried away about mineral water

The stars who get carried away about mineral water

Read all about the celebrities who would never be caught without their favourite brand of mineral water

MILAN – All stars have their indulgences, their foibles and idiosyncrasies, and often no expense is spared to satisfy them. The quirks of international celebrities are even being felt in the world of mineral water, as stars just can’t live without a bottle of their favoured water.

ECO-SOLIDARITY – Fortunately, some extravagances can have a positive environmental and solidary impact. As is the case of Pearl Jam, the famous US rock band. During one of their recent tours, in addition to requesting cases of beer, two bottles of Barolo and six small bottles of Perrier and S.Pellegrino in their dressing rooms, the band specifically requested Ethos water, as part of the profit from selling the water is used to fund drinking water projects in developing countries.

CELEBRITY HABITS – Scandals and tantrums are a key feature of artists known to the general public for their rockstar ways. This is the case of Guns N’ Roses, the renowned US hard rock band. For their concert on 23rd September 2010 at the Belgrade Arena they practically moved in, travelling with a convoy of 12 lorries full of food and drink, as well as their wardrobes. Amongst the bottles of wine and packs of beer, they also had some S.Pellegrino water. But who is the most extravagant star? That has to go to Mariah Carey: according to the well-informed  Huffington Post, whenever the singer travels she stipulates mineral water for her and her dog, Jack Junior, must be provided in her hotel room, along with bendy straws through which to drink it.

MADONNA AND THE HOLY WATER – At the top of the list of feted celebrities who love mineral water comes the international superstar Madonna. According to reports from NBC Today, the famous singer with Italian roots spends 10,000 dollars  a month on quenching her and her family’s thirst with Kabbalah water, a very pure water produced by H2O and costing $5 a bottle. Could this be the secret to her perfect physique and eternal youth? Madonna started drinking this water as a remedy for insomnia, and continued to use it for its unique characteristics.

VIP WATER – Step up Mary J. Blige, considered one of the all-time R&B greats. According to the Huffington Post again, her impressive vocal skills are probably due to the deliveries her staff takes whilst she’s on tour; the singer’s rider includes 10 bottles of Fiji water at room temperature for her dressing room.