The water menu is all the rage in Los Angeles

From luxury to terroir, water plays a starring role on the most glamorous tables in California

LOS ANGELES – The Ray & Stark Bar at the Los Angeles County Museum of  Art has recently launched a concept that combines glamour and the taste of good food. The traditional menu shares table space with a lengthy menu numbering 23  pages with 20 varieties of water from 10 different countries and a small tasting menu at a cost of just €12.

WATER AND FOOD - "Water has a significant impact on the way we taste food, just as with wine and spirits,” explained the famous American sommelier Martin Riese who developed the menu. “We are already accustomed to pairing food with wine or beer, but many people don’t know that knowing how to pick the right water is just as important to taste and the entire dining experience.”

LE TERROIRWhat could you possibly need to know about water? Plenty, according to an extensive menu that provides everything there is to know about water
– some things we already know or perhaps unknowingly overlook. Riese’s water menu has been created not just with a view to offering consumers a choice of 20 different varieties of mineral water sourced from 10 different countries, but also to provide information about the characteristics of each mineral water, starting with the concept of terroir. What makes a mineral water is the earth from which  it flows and this is why Ray & Stark Bar, in its glamorous setting, offers one of the most varied ranges of mineral waters: from Beverly Hills 90H20 from mountain springs in North California to mainstream brands like Fiji and S.Pellegrino.