La frizzante più amata al mondo? E l’acqua Perrier_alt tag

Which is the most loved sparkling water in the world? Perrier water

With 1.2 billion bottles sold, the champagne of mineral water is the most consumed sparkling water

MILAN – Perrier, the iconic mineral water part of the great Nestlé Waters family, concludes a very “sparkly” 2015 on the Italian market, which has seen it achieve all its sales, distribution and image objectives. The initiation of a tenuous economic and consumption recovery, together with a very favourable summer from the point of view of the weather, permitted last year’s excellent performance: a precondition for further developments starting in 2016.

The primacy of Perrier water

From an international point of view, Perrier reached worldwide sales of one billion bottles in 2013, and touched one point two billion at the end of 2015. The ambitious goal for 2020 is to aim for two billion bottles globally. Perrier is sold in over 140 countries worldwide. Its four main markets are France, the United States, Canada and the Benelux countries. The more recently developed markets: China, Mexico and South Korea are growing at very sustained rates.

Icon and quality

Its elegant and original green bottle is now an international icon, instantly recognized by anyone. Perrier is a natural mineral water, sparklier than any other and very pure. It contains only mineral salts (460 mg/L) and gas from the source (7 gr/l). Low in sodium, it is extremely thirst quenching and shown to assist digestion. The name Perrier has always been linked to the most glamorous and exclusive places: the star of a chic and unconventional life style. It is a unique drink, known and appreciated in bars and restaurants all over the world.

From water to premium drink

Perrier, modern and hedonistic, is a premium sparkling, natural drink for all those seeking the maximum of coolness; it is an elegant and healthy alternative to alcohol too because it does not contain sugar, caffeine or calories. Drunk in bars, clubs and restaurants, when travelling, at parties, with friends, as an aperitif or at the table, Perrier enhances food with its intense effervescence, on its own or as an ingredient in a thousand cocktails and long drinks.

by Alessandro Michielli