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The cold is coming and dehydration lies in wait

The urge to drink can diminish by up to 40%.

MILAN - During the winter we rarely associate the cold weather with dehydration. Unlike the summer, when heat induces perspiration more readily, we do not think that also during the winter we lose liquids, even more rapidly than in the summer. And furthermore, as a study published on the National Centre for Biotechnology Information demonstrates, dehydration can be reached even more rapidly in the cold, because of the reduced urge to drink, which can diminish by up to 40%.

The three pearls of wisdom worth remembering

  • Heavy clothing is a false friend

It is true that they help us keep warm, but, in so doing, one must also envisage that the body's work increases by 10 to 40%. Working more intensely, it runs out of its liquid reserves faster, and these need to be constantly replenished.

  • We lose water when we breathe

In the cold season it is easy to notice that with every exhalation the typical cloud of air comes out of our mouth or nose. Actually, it is water vapour, water that we lose without realising.

  • Sweat cannot be seen

If we think that in the winter we don't sweat, we are wrong, because with cold weather it tends to evaporate faster. This is another condition that contributes to perceiving a lesser urge to drink.

by editorial staff