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A correct hydration helps the spinal column

Dehydration can cause lesions to the spinal column that can be easily avoided by maintaining the correct level of fluids in the body

MILAN - Firstly, a healthy diet requires correct hydration, which allows our body to tackle each day in the best way. All our cells contain water and therefore, when we do not take enough liquids, our body does not answer as it should. A healthy spinal column, for example, largely depends on adequate hydration. 

Dehydration limits mobility

Dehydration can influence the well-being of our back, causing pain and limiting its mobility. To understand the role of water in the health of the spinal column, it is necessary first to understand how it is structured. The set of bones that compose it are called vertebrae. Between each vertebra there is a disk that acts as a shock absorber and that allows us to bend and flex forward and backward, in addition to working as a "bearing", allowing bones to rub against each other without difficulty, each disk is composed of two parts: the nucleus, that is mainly made of water, and a rigid and flexible ring, which contains a gelatinous substance.

Water means wellness

During our daily activities, the spinal column compresses the disk that is found between our vertebrae, causing water to be consumed within it. Not hydrating regularly can compromise the function of these "natural bearings" and consequently increase the risk of incurring into spinal lesions, caused by disk compression. During the years, different quantities of water were indicated for daily consumption, to keep our body hydrated. However, if in doubt, it is always better to drink a glass more, to avoid having unpleasant surprises.

The spinal column does not have priority

While the body is rehydrated, the vital organs always take precedence, while the spinal column receives what is left. If there is a significant fluid deficiency, it is very important to drink very regularly throughout the day. When the right level of fluids is reached, the normal rehydration of disks is resumed.

by Alessandro Michielli