L’inizio della menopausa svelato dal DNA alt_tag

DNA reveals the onset of the menopause

Lifestyle choices, including the important role of adequate hydration, can help to combat the symptoms of the menopause

MILAN – If the age at which menopause occurs is written in our DNA, as shown by a recent study carried out by the University of Cambridge and the University of Exeter published in Nature Genetics, it is also true that women should be prepared and not fear the onset of this phase. In fact, a survey on the menopause shows that women are not anxious about this period. One out of two women consider it to be a physiological occurrence that brings with it big changes, for which, however, you can prepare. What concerns women the most are the effects of the menopause on bone health – 60% are worried about osteoporosis – together with hot flushes (58%), the most annoying symptoms and the impact on the body of increased weight (50%), which is, however, also due to genetic factors.

How to deal with the menopause

Today the menopause occurs in an active phase of a woman’s life and impacts work and sexuality. But women can learn to manage it, first and foremost with a healthy life style. Starting with diet: it is advisable to follow a varied and well-balanced diet, low in fat and favouring foods that contain calcium and vitamin D. It is a good idea to be physically active as this has a positive effect on general well-being, keeping at bay and reducing the effects of the menopause in a natural way. And it is better to avoid alcohol and smoking, which aggravate and encourage the onset of symptoms. Proper hydration is very important, as recommended by the Sanpellegrino Observatory experts.

The importance of hydration                        

“In this period of a woman’s life calcium rich and sodium poor water should be drunk. In fact, consumption of the recommended daily amounts of calcium means following a diet low in alcohol and sodium, elements that hinder the absorption of calcium,” says Professor Nicola Sorrentino, an Observatory Sanpellegrino expert, Professor of Nutrition at the University of Pavia and Scientific Director of Terme Sensoriali at Chianciano Terme. The effects most feared by women are hot flushes and sweating, which increase the loss of liquids. It is necessary, therefore, to overcome this drop in the level of hydration by consuming more liquids. Correct hydration is very important.

The benefits of calcium

Perhaps not everyone knows that calcium rich water provides the same amounts of calcium as milk and milk products, to the extent that it can play an important role in the prevention and progression of osteoporosis, a pathology that has been linked to the menopause for some time. “Bone formation requires adequate amounts of calcium,” explains Professor Sorrentino. “It can be consumed with milk and milk products, which are often not eaten for fear of putting on weight, given their high average fat content or because of lactose intolerance. Thus, consumption of calcium rich water is even more important in these cases.” Thanks to a good lifestyle, the menopause can be lived in a health way, without suffering the unpleasant effects that disturb a woman’s serenity.

by Alessandro Michielli