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Irritated eyes? Here is some advice on how to keep them hydrated

During the winter the eyeball is affected by harsh weather conditions, but it can be helped in different ways

MILAN - During the winter our body is continuously hit by the pungent climate that comes with the cold season. But if the rigid temperatures that annoy our body can be remedied with an extra coat or scarf, what can we do if it is our organs that are affected? The eye, for example, due to the winter winds or to the dry heat of offices and homes, can suddenly become irritated in this period of the year.

What happens to the eyeball?

Exposure to this type of weather can cause serious problems to the eye. Our tear glands, indeed, cannot produce the necessary liquid to maintain a protective coating over the eyeball. Therefore, we suffer from itchiness and dryness of the eyes, which can cause pain, blurred vision and a burning sensation. Even if it is difficult to completely avoid eyes from becoming dry during the winter months, there are many remedies that one can adopt in order to ensure that our eyes remain sufficiently hydrated.

Advice to keep the eyes hydrated

During the winter period, the level of humidity in the home diminishes. Using a humidifier, you can compensate for the high quantity of dry air with an air rich in water vapour. Even a slight dehydration can have a negative impact. Cold temperatures can make you feel less thirsty. To keep the eyes hydrated, it is crucial to drink water regularly throughout the day. Furthermore, increasing the intake of food that is rich in liquids and minerals such as soup, fruit and vegetables can help a lot. Glasses can be an extra ally against the wind, but in some cases the excessive irritation of the eyes can be a sign of tear duct blockage. In this case it is best to consult your ophthalmologist.  

by Alessandro Conte