Cosa bere d’estate: in una guida i consigli della nutrizionista

“Liquid” guide to summer wellness

Dr. Erica Cassani, an expert in nutrition from has brought together in one handy guide, all we need to know about what to drink during the summer season

MILAN – Making sure we stay hydrated should be our priority all year round. But now, with the arrival of the hot weather, it is even more important to be aware of the properties and benefits of all types of drinks, in order to understand how to look after yourself and stay healthy. The nutrition expert, Dr. Erica Cassani, has collated a handy guide.

Water: mineral water, preferably natural, but also sparkling for those who like it. Water is always the most beneficial beverage for proper hydration.

Tea: it can be consumed either hot or cold, with added lemon or white with milk. It is better to go easy on the added sugar or honey. It is also possible to choose flavoured teas (peach, forest fruits, etc.) or caffeine-free, for those who suffer from insomnia. These are excellent summer drinks if served cold.

Coffee: during the summer, you can also make large cups of coffee (so-called ‘American’ style) using instant coffee powder, especially decaffeinated or roasted barley coffee, to avoid excessive caffeine intake. These beverages can be lightly sweetened with sugar, drunk with a splash of milk and consumed either hot or cold. Barley coffee is also recommended for children and women during pregnancy.

Herbal Infusions: you can choose whatever flavours you prefer (chamomile, mint, fennel, liquorice, forest fruits, etc.). Herbal teas generally have a sweet taste and do not need any added sugar. They can also be consumed as cold summer drinks and conserved in bottles or thermos flasks, to be drunk throughout the day and to ensure constant and adequate hydration.

Fruit Juice: to be consumed in moderation, preferably products without added sugar.

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