Mineral-rich water is a runner’s friend

Mineral-rich water is a runner’s friend

The biggest impact for joggers is the loss of minerals

MILAN – Anyone lagging behind in the race to get the perfect body is bound to consider running more often again. Sunny days and temperatures that are sure to rise in the next few weeks also help, but could hide certain risks for runners, especially inexperienced runners. First and foremost being dehydration.

THE SYMPTOMS – For our body to function properly, it needs sufficient hydration to prevent serious health problems. High temperatures mean we need to drink even more liquids to avoid getting dehydrated. Knowing the signs of dehydration means you can put a stop to it before it gets worse. The early signs include increased thirst, nausea, headache, reduced urine output and dark yellow urine.

THE IMPORTANCE OF WATERThe best way to prevent dehydration  dehydration is to plan in advance. If you know you’ll be doing strenuous exercise it’s a good idea to start drinking at the beginning of the day to make sure you have the reserves in your body. This also allows you to excrete any excess before exercising. It’s then very important to have a bottle of water nearby whilst you’re training and if the temperature is too high, it is better to run during the coolest parts of the day, or after the sun goes down.

WATER RICH IN MINERALS – Respected experts say it is better to hydrate  yourself before running with water that’s rich in minerals, which are essential to allow muscles to contract and prevent cramp and muscle spasm. During your run, you can lower your body temperature by cooling down under a fountain and drinking when necessary to replace the liquids lost through sweat. The same goes when you finish your run, to replace lost liquids it’s a good idea and recommended to drink water high in minerals 15-30 minutes after physical exercise as that is when the body is most receptive to liquids.