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Mineral water rich in salts hydrates better

Researchers at Montana State University have proved the health advantages of drinking water rich in mineral salts

MONTANA - We know that every mineral water is different. And a study by a group of researchers at Montana State University shows the effects these differences have on the body's hydration level. The team, led by Professor Heil, has proved that people who drink water rich in salts rebalance the pH levels in their bodies and show better levels of hydration than people who drink water low in mineral salts.

The study

The team took 38 young adult volunteers and divided them into a control group and an experimental group. Over four weeks, those in the experimental group drank water with a high level of mineral salts. Those in the control group, on the other hand, drank water low in minerals. Participants were given their water by the researchers and were not told which type of water they were drinking. Over the course of the study, urine and blood samples were collected to measure pH levels.


The researchers measured the most significant variations in the experimental group, those who had been drinking water high in minerals. They found rebalanced pH both in the blood and the urine, as well as a higher level of hydration. Professor Heil explained: "The general picture is that drinking water can give health benefits: this idea is an emerging part of the nutritional research that many Americans don't know about as in other parts of the world."