Idratazione: ora si misura con un sensore

Now hydration can be measured with a sensor

Researchers from Strathclyde University have created a small sensor that analyses one's sweat and transmits the data to your smartphone

MILAN – Providing real-time information to determine one's level of hydration and to help athletes achieve better performance. Researchers from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Strathclyde University have developed a sensor that analyses electrolyte levels in one's sweat to detect the current level of hydration of the body and to suggest how to rebalance the salts lost.

The Invention

Doctor Stephen Milne, who coordinates the work group, explained to BBC Scotland: "We start to feel thirsty only after losing 2-3% of body weight. We found that athletic performance is already altered when weight drops by 1%. This suggests that you should drink water long before you feel the need to do so". This special sensor, by analysing the saline composition of sweat, transmits the data to one's smartphone where it is possible to check which liquids and salts have been lost. At the same time, information is also provided about how to best rehydrate the body.

Future Use

Among the major benefits of water is regulating body temperature, joint lubrication, and supporting the transportation of nutrients to the organs via the blood. Therefore, ensuring proper hydration in the body throughout the day not only helps to lead a healthy lifestyle, but it is also decisively important for maintaining good personal health. The inventors designed the sensor to have applications for treating elderly persons who, like children, are in the category of people who feel thirsty the least and thus run the risk of dehydration.

by editorial staff