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Obesity can reduce life expectancy up to 8 years

A study by McGill University researchers documents the risks connected to the development of heart disease and type 2 diabetes

MILAN - An analysis of data of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey on more than 4,000 individuals conducted by researchers of McGill University has shed light on the important contribution of excess kilos on life expectancy. Dr Grover and his colleagues have estimated that heavily obese individuals can lose up to 8 years of life while those that are suffering from obesity in a less serious way could lose up to 6 years.

Weight and age

The model has established also a relationship between age and weight. The younger and more obese an individual is, the greater is the associated health risk, with an increase in the risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Such disorders, explained the researchers, drastically reduce both life expectancy and the number of years left to live. The age at which excess weight accumulates is an important factor and young individuals have shown worse results compared to those who accumulate weight over the years.

The next research steps

Dr Grover said that the next step to make this information more effective is to personalise it based on the individual. For this reason, a three-year study has been launched in pharmacies over the whole country to involve patients and offer them a program that can help them adopt healthier lifestyles that include reasoned nutritional choices and regular physical activity.

Importance of hydration

What we eat and drink forms the foundation of our health. Often, little attention is given to hydration and to what one drinks. Indeed, often one does not consider that beverages, except for water, are a source of calories. It is not by chance that the base of the famous nutritional pyramid is made of eight glasses of water, an element that helps the organism regulate the ingestion of food and perform all the main metabolic functions.

by Alessandro Conte