Proper hydration improves performance between the sheets

A sexual encounter can cause us to lose up to a glass of liquids

MILAN – Lethargy, tiredness, migraines, loss of elasticity in skin, decline in performance... Experts say that dehydration can compromise and have a negative impact on sex. It’s estimated that we can lose up to a glass of liquids, and this applies more to men than women as they put in more effort and sweat more.

LOSS OF LIQUIDS – The issue of liquid loss is still debated by experts. There are many variables that effect the numbers, such as level of activity, excitement, sweating, length of the encounter, clothing worn, room temperature and age. It is estimated that during an average encounter, half a glass or a glass of water is lost through sweating.

THE IMPORTANCE OF MINERALS - “If there is a lack of minerals and sufficient dehydration skin tends to lose elasticity, become opaque and unpleasant to the touch”, explains Dr. Marinella Cozzolino, President of the Italian Clinical Sexology  Association. “The skin is the organ that is stretched the tightest and also the most involved in sexual activity. As we know, a lack of minerals causes a considerable feeling of lethargy and fatigue and frequent headaches. High summer temperatures increase the risk of dehydration during the average encounter which can have a negative impact on performance”.

MALE/FEMALE DIVIDE – During sex all the rhythms and parameters of the human body change, from breathing more shallowly the heart that beats significantly faster. Experts cite the only difference as the amount of physical activity and intensity of the effort expended. In general, men move more and expend more energy so they also sweat more. Women, on the other hand, tend to stop before they start to sweat as they find it embarrassing and a passion killer. In addition, age has an impact on the amount of sweating during sexual activity: as a general rule, adolescents tend to sweat more for purely hormonal reasons.