L'acqua è un valido aiuto per gli anziani in estate

Water is a useful aid for the elderly in summer

One American study explains that staying hydrated in the heat reduces the risk of death amongst the elderly

MILAN – The month of August can bring late heatwaves and for many Italians, this means oppressive heat, difficulty in sleeping and a great deal of effort in facing the long working day. It is important to take precautions in order to deal with the heat as effectively as possible. Our bodies are made up of 75 per cent water, which is found in the cells and blood vessels. Their survival requires a sophisticated water management system and fortunately, the human body provides a very efficient instrument for this.

Hydration to benefit of the older generation

During the summer, we need to drink large quantities of water, especially the older generation. Dehydration can become a bigger problem for the individual if it is not prioritised. In fact, adequate hydration helps regulate the body’s functions and vital organs. The University of Chicago Medical Center has revealed that 40% of heat-related deaths in the US have been recorded amongst the over-65s. The advice from researchers is to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and to maintain consistent hydration of the body.

The advantages of water

However, in elderly people, water is also important for the digestion, because it keeps any food consumed constantly moving through the colon. The food we eat makes its way from the stomach to the large intestine and if there are insufficient quantities of fluid, the latter absorbs water from our food waste. This hardens stools and can lead to problems.

Other than benefiting the digestion and absorbing of food, water regulates body temperature and blood circulation, transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells and eliminates toxins. So-called "body water" functions as a cushion for the joints, and protects against shock and damage to tissues and organs, including spinal bone marrow.

by editorial staff